Autumnal Pike

The Autumn weather brings thoughts of predator fishing to mind and saw me on one of the drains to the north of Boston.

Many of these waters have suffered in recent years from Azolla, also known as Fairy Moss, which is a form of giant duckweed which smothers the water and makes fishing impossible.

This particular stretch was clear however and also has the advantage of being tree lined making it a very sheltered and attractive stretch of water to fish.


I was using two fibreglass mkiv S.U. rods teamed with Dam Ever Ready centrepin  reels, 15lb line, home made floats and wire trace to a size 6.0 circle hook. I favour the circle hook for pike as the its nature helps to prevent deep hooking with the hook generally taking hold in the scissors whichs makes for easy unhooking.

It was a very windy day with the gusts comming from the west which matched the waters flow. I had fished this stretch two or three times previously and had blanked on each occasion but today saw more action with five takes and two fish landed.


Nothing big but both hard fighting fish.

I have received reliable information of many 30lb plus fish comming out of this stretch of water so will be visiting it again to try my luck.


Summer to Autumn

The nights are drawing in and there is dampness in the air. The weather is unsettled with heavy showers and prolonged periods of rain.

The forecast was good for today and so I set off for the local pit to try my luck with float and leger. As usual I set myself up on the shallow north bank and fished the margins.

I legered with a Mkiv teamed with my Edge Elite Centrepin and size 6 hook baited with luncheon meat – both halibut and strawberry flavoured.

My float rod was a Dawsons of Bromley Sabrina teamed with a modern Matt Hayes Limited edition Centrepin.

I groundbaited both swims with a mixture of sow meal, boiled grains and hemp.

Things got off to a slow start not helped by a heavy shower of rain at lunchtime which had me taking shelter in my car – the forcast was a dry day so my brolly was left at home.

I eventually took a carp on the leger and a decent bream on the float using mussel as bait.

Things picked up after lunch with more carp and a tench so all in all not a bad day at all.


The River at Sunset

My local river at dusk with the sun beginning to set.

Fishing rights were once with a local club but the decline in river fishing in favour of Commercials led to the clubs demise.

Not much fished now apart from weekend matches in the winter months when large hauls of roach are landed. I will be digging the old Float Rover out before long and trying my luck.

IMG_20170818_194451783_HDRIMG_20170818_194338169_HDR (2)


A warm mostly overcast day saw me at the local pit in search of tench.

Armed with my Edgar Sealey “Black Arrow” 13ft 3 piece float fishing rod ( Butt section built cane with the middle and top section fibreglass ) teamed with a J W Youngs Rapidex reel I set out. For bait I had luncheon meat, plain, halibut and strawberry flavoured; sweetcorn, mussels and prawns.

I fished the margins which I baited with a sow meal, mixed corn and hemp mix groundbait and things started slowly with a few knocks on various baits. As the day wore on things hotted up with all of my fish being taken on halibut flavoured luncheon meat fished below a float on a size 8 hook.

Crust on the Surface

An overcast dry day was forcast with a light southerly wind and so i saw the opportunity for a days surface fishing at my local pit.


The day started off without a breath of wind and the sky overcast with thin cloud.

It remained like this all morning but after lunch the breeze got up and the sky began to clear.



As usual I used crust cut from French loaves as my hook bait. No marker float, just a size 6 hook tied direct to the line.

As an attractant I use Bakers small doy Mix which I catapult out. I do catch with dog biscuits but crust is more visable.

It was a good day with my biggest carp being 8.1/2lbs. Possibly the most exciting method of taking carp and certainly the one with the greatest immediacy.

Tackle wise I used an 11 foot cane and built cane rod teemed with a Mitchell 300S reel.

The Grass Carp

A dry, overcast but warm day at the lacal Brickpit with a cool westerly breeze.

Surface fishing for carp again using the Marco Elasticane Capella De Luxe, twinned with a modern fixed spool reel, 8lb line and a size 6 curved shank hook.

Fished the northern bank on my favourite peg using crusty white bread and bagels for bait with dog biscuits as attractant.


Fish were feeding on the surface and were soon busy barging at the offered bait without slurping it down. This was to continue all day there being no periods of frantic feeding, just the odd decent take.

I took a few Commons around the 5 to 8lb mark and a decent Prussian Carp (my first from a floating bait) but the cream of the catch was a 23lb Grass Carp.


I have hooked one of these before only to be snapped off and this fish put up a sound fight. A very powerful fish it lacks the speed of the Common, going on long slow runs that strip line off the reel. It also possesses immense stamina and it was a long fight before I had it in the net.

The fish has the look of a Chub about it and lacks the deep body we see on the Common. It more than makes up for this in length however and is a most attractive fish with beautifully patterned scales.

A good days fishing.


Surface Fishing

Another still, hot day 31c. Got to the lacal brickpit early and fishing for 6.30am. Once more on the north bank with the shallow water. Had the Elasticane Capella matched with the Youngs Rapides reel this time to leger in the margins. Had a run very quickly and landed a carp of about 7lbs.

This was followed by a couple of bream and a tench which I caught on the float rod. A Marco Peter Stone fibreglass Legerstrike teamed with a Mitchell 300S.

As the sun got up carp started to show on the surface so i swapped the float for a surface fishing rig and started to cast out tiger bread and bakers soft dog biscuits.

The bread proved the favourite (it is also a lot easier to keep an eye on) and I landed some good fighting carp throughout the day.

The best fish I lost to a snapped line. I got a good look at it and believe it to have been a grass carp. Had I landed it it would have been a first for me.

Flaming June

Spent a hot and sultry day at my local Brickpit. The sun blazed and there was no cooling wind – the water without a ripple.


I fished two rods as is my norm. A cane and fibreglass “Black Arrow” teamed with a JW Youngs Rapidex reel to float fish the margins and a Marco Elastcane Capella de Luxe teamed with a Mordex Merlin reel to leger, again in the margins.

It was slow going with bites very few and far between. The carp would not play at all, though as the day went on they did start to show on the surface and had I bread or dog biscuits I may have enjoyed some success.

As it was I had a decent tench on a mussel and a bream on sweetcorn. I had another tench on legered luncheon meat and lost another in the reeds. I also had a bootlace eel on prawn.

There were two or three other anglers there throuout the day and no one enjoyed good sport. But it was a pleasant day to be in the fresh air.


The previous day was rain and drizzle but the new morning was fine and dry though a strong westerly wind was set to blow all day.

I had the local pit pretty much to myself, a couple of other anglers turned up but each stayed only a couple of hours the strong wind making for difficult conditions and creating waves.


Float fishing was out of the question so I put out two rods to leger, threw out some groundbait and waited. I tried corn, paste and pellet but all of my takes came from luncheon meat.

I landed three carp from a total of five runs, losing one big fish that snapped me and another one slipping the hook. Two Common Carp on the bank and one Mirror – not that numerous at my local Brick pit.

All of the fish were taken from the margins on the shallow shelf on the north side of the pit. All landed on a mkiv teamed with my wide aerial reel.